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About Us

Our Vision and Our Mission

  • Help to validate ideas.
  • Formation of Start-up Module.
  • Introducing strategic thinking.
  • Providing unbiased feedback.
  • Creating opportunities to build network.
  • Help to focus on core strengths, and work on critical aspects of the business.
  • Facilitate to connect with potential investors where possible/ when required.
  • Driving entire marketing initiative.
  • Can negotiate potential investors/deals on your behalf.
  • Supporting in accelerating business growth
  • Suggest ways to structure your company for better performance

Work Ethics

Most startups work with the existing talent, experience; knowledge, and expertise of the business ignore the changes happening outside. This is why receiving honest and unbiased feedback can be immensely beneficial to startups and here is where a Ettyople startup consultant’s role becomes imperative.

We can provide a much-needed external outlook to the practices and core model of the startup. The startup will get feedback not only about the concept behind your business but about the details of execution, organization and other critical matters.

Right from initial idea and vision through the next phases and steps of the startup business, the blueprint of your business is just excelling sheets, word documents and PowerPoint presentations on your consultant’s computer.

The expertise and advice of Ettyople startup consultants can be applied to many different areas of your business, and we offer many different consulting services. The people in charge of running these businesses can thus be expected to be lacking the requisite managerial experience or knowledge to steer the venture in the correct.

Strategic planning is one of the key services provided by Ettyople. We help clients through analysis, statistics, and strategy. Strategizing is the key for any business, but it’s especially crucial for startups.

Most startups don’t have a concrete roadmap or even objectives to begin things; hence this remains one of the major hurdles for a startup starting out. We will put in place a strategic plan and create a roadmap for your business

Ettyople brings in the requisite knowledge and expertise for a business which may be beyond the current expertise of the existing skill of the business.

Ettyople consultant is considered an expert in his field of specialization and has plenty of training, and knowledge about the latest tactics and techniques for moving a business forward.

Ettyople Consultants will meticulously research the market and the segment in which you plan to grow your business in. Market research is considered one of the significant tools of strategic business decisions. Market Research information includes but is not limited to data on your customers’ needs, your competitors’ abilities and trends within the industry.

We are known for our continuous analysis of the market trends and dynamics which means that we are alert to changes and developments in different market sectors and we will advise you of any suitable chances that we come across.


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